What is WebClient

WebClient is your virtual office, where you can find all the necessary tools to successfully fulfill your daily tasks and stay in touch with your colleagues. To access WebClient, create an account and log in (see First steps into WebClient).

Figure. Main screen.

Main menu

In this menu there is a list of IceWarp products available for you.

New button

The New button opens a drop-down menu to create a new item: Email, Conference, Appointment, Note, Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Email Template, Contact, Distribution List, Task, Room.

Navigation bar

  • ChatGPT icon opens all conversations with AI

  • Followed icon opens a list of followed TeamChat rooms. You can see new activity notifications

  • Chat icon opens a list of contacts. Double-click a contact to send the instant message. Click to start a conference immediately. Click ☰ to open more options and see the contact details

  • Calendar icon opens your calendar

  • Upload center opens the list of files and documents uploaded through the instant messaging

  • Avatar shows your status and opens User settings

User settings

The user settings menu allows to customize your WebClient view, set two step verification, open Options menu with more advanced settings, etc. See Quick Options.

Search bar

The search bar allows to search within the selected folder. Type the word and click or choose an option from the Search Wizard. Its content changes according to the folder type.

Favorite items

Click the button to get quick access to your favorite folders, files, etc.

Menu bar

Menu bar contains dynamic elements for managing general and specific actions. The view of the icons depends on the IceWarp product (Mail, TeamChat, Files & Documents, etc.) you are using at the moment.

Figure. Menu bar with options enabled for 1 - Mail and 2 - Files & Documents.

General icons:

  • Print. Opens printing settings (can be used to save the email in pdf)
  • Delete. Deletes the item
  • Empty folder. Deletes all items in the folder
  • Add folder. See How to create a new folder
  • More. Opens a list with various actions with folders

Additionally, there are buttons, that appear or disappear as you navigate the IceWarp products in the Dashboard.

Folder types in folder tree

There are different types of folders to sort your emails.

Figure. Folder tree.

Yours : Folders which only you can access. Any private or confidential material should be stored in these folders. You can, however, grant specific users rights (read, write, all and full) by clicking the Sharing and Permissions from the Context Menu.

Public : Folders that do not belong to a particular user. Rather, they contain files that everyone with the appropriate permission can access. The permissions are Read, Write, All and Full. Group Folders are created by Administrators or users with appropriate permissions.

Shared : Shared by user.