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IceWarp's WebClient is a cutting edge web application based on AJAX, XML, JavaScript, RSA authentication, DB specification PDO and special XML settings.

IceWarp Mobile

Immediately follow your team's progress, respond to new posts, comment or share files from anywhere.

Desktop Client

Multi-feature email client. A powerful fusion of email, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and private chat.

Desktop Office

Create and edit documents fully compatible with Microsoft Office, right from your desktop. Download IceWarp Desktop Office.


Working with WebAdmin is very easy because the design of the options is very similar to the one you know from IceWarp Server Administration Console.


The Dashboard is IceWarp's new opening screen and your gateway to the entire collaboration ecosystem.

IceWarp Server

Secure hosted email with custom domain. Shared calendars, chat, storage, documents & apps. The only solution integrated and working together in one screen.

Outlook Sync

Integrate Outlook emails, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes with IceWarp.

Microsoft Exchange Migration Tool

Free and simple migration tool moves literally everything including mailboxes, notes, calendars and tasks, access privileges and shared folders.