Remote Server Administration

The Remote Administration Console offers another option for customers to administer their IceWarp Server. The same administration console seen after installation is used for remote console so working from the remote console is extremely easy for administrators.

Note: You must use the same version of the remote console as the IceWarp Server version you are connecting to, for example, if running server version 12.0.0 then use the remote console version 12.0.0.

  • User: Typically used by AD.
  • Group: Typically used by AD.
  • inetOrgPerson: Reveals the service properties dialog.

The connection to the server can be encrypted using SSL and is compressed for better performance. Connection settings can be saved and assigned a keyboard shortcut to connect to the machine in matter of seconds. You can run multiple instances of config.exe allowing you to compare settings on different servers. The context sensitive Help is accessible as usual by clicking the F1 key.

You can download and run the remote console from any PC or server. Simply unzip it to any directory and you can access a remote IceWarp Server by launching the config.exe program. Upon start, the usual Administration console is shown. To access a remote server, choose Bookmarks from the main menu or click the Connect button within the toolbar (computer icon to the left) to invoke the Bookmark Manager.

Information about a remote connection is shown within the remote console title bar. The information syntax is as follows:

description (target_server:ip) target_version_string

where description corresponds with the Description field of the Remote Server dialog – Connection tab (bookmark definition).

Remote Console as an Installer

Starting with 11.1.1, the Remote Administration Console is distributed as executable installer – remoteconfig.exe (<install_dir>\install\) together with IceWarp Server.

The installer is very simple:

  • Allows only to choose install path (default is ProgramFiles\IceWarp Remote Console <version>).
  • Automatically creates a desktop icon in the form of IceWarp Remote Console <version>.
  • Automatically creates a Start menu icon in the form of IceWarp Remote Console <version>.
  • Allows to have multiple versions installed.

Config.exe within the remote console is now build separately and implements one special feature that is not included in the server console. When you connect to the server with an incompatible console, it allows you to open a web browser and download the console directly from the server you are connecting to. (Of course, 11.1.1 or later must be installed on the remote server).