Context Menu

You can access the context menu ☰ in Folder tree. It offers a list of actions to facilitate your work with emails.

To open the context menu, click ☰ or right-click a folder in Folder tree.

Figure. Context menu.

In the context menu of the account, you can:

In the context menu of a folder, you can:

  • Manage all items (in Mail): mark email as read, copy or move to folder, empty folder

  • Add Folder: click to create a subfolder

  • Rename Folder: type a new name and press Enter.

  • Move Folder: click and select a new folder, the present folder will become its subfolder

  • Add to Favorites: click to add a folder to the list of favorite items for quick access

  • More Options: click to select either to export or to synchronize a folder

  • Share Folder: click and enter the email address of the account you want to share the folder with

  • Delete Folder: click to permanently delete the folder