Domain List

The list gives an overview of the domain(s) you have rights to administer: domain type, number pf users, description, etc.

Figure. Domain list tab.

There are the following parameters:

  • Name: name of the domain

  • Type: type of the domain (the drop-down menu provides filter of different domain types: Standard, Domain Alias, Backup Domain, Distributed Domain, ETRN/ATRN Queue)

  • Users: number of the users within each domain

  • Description: domain description

Click a domain to access the domain settings. See Properties. To go back from a domain settings to the list of domains again, click the arrow at the top left near the name of the domain .

Delete button

This button is displayed if a domain has 0 users. Click the button to delete the domain. You will need to confirm your actions first.

Note: There must be zero users in the domain, if there is 1 or more users, the delete button will not be displayed.