Fulltext Search

The Fulltext Search tab allows to configure the Fulltext Search engine. Fulltext search helps searching for necessary information on the server and is available to users in WebClient.

Figure. Fulltext search tab.

Fulltext Search engine consists of three components:

  • Yoda-scan. It is a scanner service that extracts text from IMAP files and sends it to Yoda.

  • Yoda. It is a database service that maintains its own database (index) built from text found in all email messages. It allows to retrieve mail id from searched text.

  • Mundi. It is a document conversion service that allows to extract text also from attachments (doc, xls, zip) and from documents stored in WebClient or FileSync locations.

Each component can run locally on the same IceWarp server, or remotely, to offload CPU and storage utilization.

  1. Click Configure Fulltext Search to open Fulltext Search Wizard.

  2. Figure. Fulltext search wizard.

  3. In step 1, enable the toggle to activate the fulltext search in IceWarp.

  4. In step 2, select to run Yoda-scan on the same IceWarp server or remotely, indicate the port. For remote server, the port should be the same as for the IceWarp server (/mnt/data/mail/).

  5. In step 3, select to run the Yoda database (index) locally or remotely. The index is stored directly on the file system and occupies approximately 10-20% of the original size of the IceWarpemail storage (the actual size varies by the type of data). Indicate the database service URL.

  6. In step 4, select to run Mundi(document conversion service) locally or remotely. Indicate the document conversion service service URL.

  7. In step 5, check the settings and click Save.