Your settings

In your settings you can :

To access your settings, tap your avatar.

Figure. Your settings.

How to add account details

Tap Account details to add more information about yourself.

Figure. Your settings.

How to change theme and background

Tap Theme to change the color palette.

Tap Background to set your picture from:

  • Background Gallery

  • Photo gallery

  • Take a new photo

Figure. Changing background.

How to add another account

  1. Tap in the left upper corner

  2. Choose different account

  3. Sign in with another account

  4. Setup account with QR code

  5. Proceed with Quick Log-in in the WebClient.

You can have several accounts in your application. All rooms and folders of the both account will be organized in one list. You don't need to switch between the accounts.

How to logout

  1. Tap the account you want to remove from the application

  2. Tap Remove (Logout for Android)