Chat with your colleagues, share files, schedule appointments and organize web conferences.

How to chat

  1. Tap Rooms and you will see a thread of the first room in the list of rooms. To go to another room, tap ☰ in the left upper corner.

    Tip: To see the newest discussions, tap Resent . The rooms there are organized according to the date of the last activity in them. The rooms with the most recent activity are on top.

  2. To join the discussion in the room, type your message in the message field at the bottom .

  3. To attach a file, picture, code block or gif to your message, tap , choose one and tap .

  4. To create a new room, tap ☰ > Create Room > select Private or Public room > Invite members > tap Create. See How to add a new room

Note: As soon as you started typing your message, it is automatically saved as a draft. If you swipe left, you will see the draft icon near the name of the group .

Figure. Rooms.

How to edit your message

  1. Tap your message for about two seconds.

  2. In the menu, select Edit .

  3. Type new text, add an emoji or image, and tap to save changes or to discard changes.

    Figure. Actions with a message.

How to pin a message

  1. Tap your message for about two seconds.

  2. In the menu, select :

    • Pin publicly. Your pin will be visible to all members of the room

    • Pin privately. Your pin will be visible only to you

How to mention members of the room

You can address individual members or all members of the room at once.

  • To address certain members, type @Name_of_the_member

  • To address all members, @All members

Figure. Mentioning all members.

Room details

In the Room details you can see your mentions, pins, have a quick access to the files and documents shared in the room, see the members of the room, switch on/off the notifications and leave the room.

To open the Room details, tap the name of the room .

Figure. Room details.