First steps

Download IceWarp Mobile

  1. Download the application IceWarp Mobile via WebClient.

    Figure. IceWarp Mobile app.

  2. Click your avatar .

  3. Scroll to Mobile App .

  4. Click Install IceWarp Mobile app.

  5. Scan the QR code .

  6. You will be redirected to AppStore or Play Market based on your mobile OS (Android or IOS).

  7. Once you download the application, proceed with Quick Log-in in the WebClient. Scan the QR code in the Quick Log-in window and your IceWarp Mobile will be synchronized with your TeamChat, Conferences, and Files & Documents in WebClient.

    Figure. Installing IceWarp Mobile via WebClient.

Sign in to your account using Quick Log-in

  1. If you have already downloaded the application to your mobile and want to use Quick Log-in, open IceWarp Mobile and click Login using QR code .

  2. You will be automatically redirected to the QR code scanner. Scan the QR code in the Log-in window in your WebClient. In this way, you will avoid the manual entry of your email and password.

    Figure. Sign in screen.

Sign in to your account using credentials

If you don't have access to your WebClient, sign in using your email and password.

  1. Go to IceWarp Mobile, enter your email and password

  2. Click Sign in.

IceWarp Mobile is now ready to use.