Your files are stored in the cloud in Files & Documents in your IceWarp account. You can send the files to IceWarp Mobile to discuss and edit with your colleagues.

  1. Tap .

  2. Select the IceWarp account you want to work with.

  3. You will see the list of folders, that repeats the list of folders in Files & Documents.

  4. Select a folder.

  5. Select a file.

  6. Tap the file for at least two seconds to open the menu.

  7. Select Send to room.

  8. You will see the list of rooms, select a room.

  9. Click Send.

    Figure. Sharing files.

How to access Files folder in IOS

In IOS you can only see Rooms, Conferences and You icons in the menu. To find the IceWarpFiles & Documents folder:

  1. Go to Files default in IOS.

  2. Browse tab .

Figure.IceWarp Files folder in IOS.

Note: If you don't find IceWarp in the list, click > Edit and move the toggle at the position "enabled" .

Figure. Enabling IceWarp Files folder in IOS.