IceWarp Exchange Migrator Tool facilitates migration of user accounts (emails, calendars, contacts, etc.) from Microsoft Exchange server to IceWarp server.

IceWarp Exchange Migrator Tool helps to minimize the workload and excludes possibility of errors. It allows to perform tests and go back to a previous step at any time.

To download IceWarp Exchange Migrator Tool, ask our IceWarp support team for directions.

Note: Migration Tool runs only on Windows OS.

Figure. Exchange Migrator architecture.


without downtime

During the migration, users can work on the Exchange server without any downtime.


Thanks to internal database of migrated data, the migration can be run consecutive times without duplication.


Data is fully secured during migration.

unused accounts

The migration tool allows the administrator to easily omit unused email accounts during migration.


Migration can be performed on an IceWarp server installed anywhere on the internal or external network.

Migrating from
Windows to Linux

Even though IceWarp Exchange Migrator Tool runs on Windows machines, it may migrate data to either Windows or Linux running IceWarp.