Check summary of migration & click on Finish.

Figure 15. Summary.

As shown in the Summary, see stats text file for detailed information.

After migration


Be sure to backup exchange-journal.mig file and LOGS folder (for analysis or reference) from Migrator folder (in this example C:\Migration)

Figure 16. It is important to backup these files so to run another instance of the migration (with different configuration).

exchange-journal.mig database contains all the records of files, locations being migrated. It controls the incremental migration, if failed to copy as instructed it will result in a migration with duplicated entries!

For incremental migration purposes (different configuration such as revised scope or timeline), place exchange-journal.mig file in the Migration Tool folder and proceed to run the migration again.


In case of migrating different sets of users, the next step would be to removing logs of previous runs from the folder (backup to another location, if necessary) and start a new migration instance.

Figure 17. Contents of Logs directory.

Stats text file

The detailed summary of migration is stored in the text file inside Logs folder.

Figure 18. Stats text file in Logs folder.