Source Machine

Specify here the parameters controlling the source machine.

Figure 3. Source Machine.

Microsoft Exchange Location



Exchange hostname or IP

Enter IP or hostname of Exchange Server

Exchange version

Select proper Exchange Server version.

The supported versions are:

  • Microsoft Exchange 2007 (SP1)

  • Microsoft Exchange 2010

  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 (SP1)

  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 (SP2)

  • Microsoft Exchange 2013

Trust certificate

Leave checked


Leave checked

Use standard path

Leave checked

Microsoft Exchange Administrator Account

Master account for migration, capable to impersonate all the users.



User name & Password

Account that will impersonate all users in the batch, so the Exchange Migrator can process accordingly.

Impersonate with

Select field on impersonate will be based on. (SMTP address)

Copy settings to LDAP

Use in case Active Directory and Exchange have same settings

Test button

Test impersonate with email address.

When clicking the Test button, enter account with appropriate permissions.

Figure 4. Test dialog with successful result.

Directory Service Administrator Account



Directory service hostname or IP

Enter IP or hostname of AD or LDAP

Stored server hostname or IP

Do not use

Directory service username

Enter AD/LDAP username

Directory service password

Enter AD/LDAP password


Do not change

Mail property

Select which field counts as email

Test LDAP button

Click to test LDAP connection

Pressing the Test LDAP button will return a result accordingly

Figure 5. LDAP Test success.

Once ready and LDAP test was successful, proceed with Next