Figure 8. Selection initial screen.

After Exchange Migrator establishes the connection to Active Directory, there are two possible scenarios during this stage affecting the possibility of initial migration.

Users already in Target Machine

If there are users found in Target machine, initial migration doesn't apply.

In this case, the alternatives are :

  1. use the option Load All From Source to grab all records matching the domain directly from Active Directory (not recommended for large structure of Active Directory tree; it is recommended to use small batches. See option 2)

  2. use the option Selection of users by the contents of the file and upload a .txt file containing the batch of records (one email address per line).

Users not in Target Machine

Initial migration applies. The Initial check box identifies the user to create in the target server.

Warning: If users already exist on the IceWarp side, then Exchange Migrator won't be able to re-create them.

After loading the users will appear on the left side for manual selection

Figure 9. Found users.

Transfer records individually to the right panel using Add or the whole batch using Add All buttons.

Figure 10. Transferring selected users.

In case dealing with multiple domains list, just the first domain from the list will be automatically selected for migration, therefore, you have to navigate to Domain drop down list and repeat selection process for each domain.

Figure 11. Multiple domains listed in Domain drop-down list.

Summary of options



Selection of users by the contents of the file

Enter TXT file containing one record per line

Tip: Multiple domains allowed in txt file


Select domain to manage (possible to migrate more than one domain, users will have then to be added via Add / Add All button)


Filter for easier search

Toggle Initial On Visible Users

Use in case of initial migration (no users in target machine scenario) to check boxes next to each user.

Initial checkbox

Identifies users and domains for creation on target


Used for adding selected user for migration

Add All

Used for adding all users

Load All from Source

Loads all users from AD/LDAP (migrates and grabs all users matching the domain criterion, from the Active Directory).

Note: This may take up to several hours. Recommended for small batches of less than 200 users.


Removes user (s) from migration list

Remove all

Removes all users from migration list

Create empty



Saves this page for future use

Note: Once working with incremental /Delta/ migration, users which were not provided by Active Directory during last migration (i.e. no more active - will disappear from Selection and won't be migrated anymore.

Once users were loaded, proceed with Next