Initial Info

IceWarp Exchange Migrator Tool functions as a portable (Windows-only) executable file. The opening view will be Initial Info.

Figure 1. IceWarp Exchange Migrator Tool initial screen.


In case you see any issue with system configuration (e.g.: libraries needing to update the registry) the following alert will be visible as shown below:

Click Configure & Restart and close following dialog.

Migration process selection

Tip: It is recommended to perform the migration on batches of 700 users max.

Log Settings

Figure 2. Log Settings.

Field Description

Main Log folder

Leave in migration assignment folder

Log level

High priority logs are recommended

From here, the migration process works as follows:

Step 1. Source Machine

Step 2. Target Machine

Step 3. Selection

Step 4. Review

Step 5. Migration

Step 6. Summary