Creating and Editing Tasks

Creating new tasks

There are four methods for creating a new task:

Method 1: From Taks view, select New in the toolbar.

Method 2: From any view, select New and then New Task.

Method 3: Right-click a task folder in the Tasks sub-panel in the left vertical panel and select New task from the context menu.


Method 4: The last and by far the fastest way, is to click on the top line (the line is separated by thick line) fill in required fields and press Enter.

Tip:As an alternative method, it is also possible to create a new task from Calendar view. See Task Editor.

Task Editor

The Task Editor dialog will open.

New task editor

  • Folder: Option available on the top to choose where the task will be moved to. This utility works also for editing Events and Contacts.

  • Title: Title of the task displayed in the task list and therefore it should be as brief as possible.

  • Location: Location of the task.

  • Start: Start date and time of the task.

  • Due: Estimated due date.

  • Reminder: Enables alerts of upcoming tasks.

  • Tag: Assign color coded categories from the drop-down to identify and assess its nature at glance (whether a Task is work-related, personal or requires immediate attention, etc).

  • Status: Define here the stage the selected task is currently in.

  • Complete: Shows what percentage of the task has already been completed.

  • Recurrence: Set how often the task will repeat and when (if ever) the recurrence will terminate.

  • Assign to: Assign the task to any contact (s) and an invitation will be sent.

  • Private task: Checkbox that sets the task to private status.

  • Description: Detailed information describing each task.

Click Save & Close when finished.

Editing tasks

Existing Tasks can be edited through the same Task editor window.

To edit an existing task, double-click on it to bring up the Task window.


Deleting tasks

To delete a task select it in the task list and press the Delete key.

Alternatively, right-click on the task and select Delete from the context menu.