IceWarp Desktop Client has built in Instant Messaging support, which will allow you to communicate instantly with other users of Jabber Instant Messaging network as well as many other Jabber compatible ones such as Google chat, ICQ, AIM, Facebook, Live Messenger etc.

This section allows you to view all your added contacts and chat accounts.


Chat Options

You can customize your chat settings simply clicking on the Options icon which will appear by hovering the mouse cursor next to the chat header.

Chat tab.

Here you can set up several chat options, for example showing/ hiding avatars in chat, showing online users only or showing groups. You can also sort contacts either alphabetically or by online status.

However, it is not possible to use groups together with the mode of sorting according to the online status.

There has been added a special utility - Undock. You may be already familiar with this tool from previous versions of this product, where this action was invoked by Detach window button.

Dettached Chat window.

The Undock utility works exactly the same way, by clicking this button you can detach the contact window and move it around your screen as you wish.

Tip: When the window is detached, you can toggle Always on top to be able to use the window even if the application is minimized.

By clicking on the Add contact from the context menu, you will be allowed to create a new contact - the Add Chat Contact dialog appears.

Adding a new contact

You can either type-in a name that you would like to be displayed by the IM contact or you can click on Get button by which the application will try to retrieve the username based on the Jabber

You can also add a newly created IM contact to the appropriate group by selecting it from the list of groups that you are currently using.

You can move contacts between groups simply by drag-and-drop, or by right-clicking the contact you wish to move and from the context menu, selecting the desired group (existing or new) to move the contact into.

Moving contacts between groups.