Contact Details

Contact Details window provides quick access to details of a selected contact that include email address, phone numbers, Skype contact details, and chat message contacts.

Contact Details tab.

  • History: gathers all your written conversations with the contact. It includes E-Mails, IM Chat messages and also Skype chat messages into one chronological communications log.

  • Attachments: provides a sorted summary of all the attachments that are attached in the emails exchanged between you and the contact.


Contact Details settings

Hover the mouse cursor over the area next to the Contact Details header and clicking the Options button.

Contact Details context menu.

You can choose how to sort the messages (descending / ascending) and also adjust what type of messages (mails, chat messages, Skype calls) to display or hide. Checking the option Include Other Senders enables to include third party conversations (e.g.: emails, where other participants are included in Bcc or Cc of the particular email).

Checking the option Include Entire Domain displays of all emails that may have different name of sender / addressee, but the same domain in the particular email address. You can select Choose Folders... to select folders from which you would like the contacts to be displayed.