Welcome to IceWarp Desktop Client - a task oriented communication client that combines E-Mail management, Instant Messaging (IM) chat, multi-calendar, tasks management and much more into one seamless and user-friendly package.

IceWarp Desktop Client is a hub of all business communications needs. With this product, you can manage your E-Mails, communicate on Chat Messengers and keep track of your daily tasks all with the help of a series of innovative, task-oriented and context-dependent tools such as E-Mail Communications history, Attachments history, which were designed to maximize your efficiency and help you stay up-to-date with your Internet communications.

While trying to combine all your communications channels into one simple package, the IceWarp Desktop Client team also works hard on the many minute and behind-the-scene details such as customizable eM notifications, compatibility with large font E-Mails, pairing IM contacts with local contacts etc. all aimed at delivering a non-intrusive yet intuitive and seamless working experience.


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