Main Screen

Once opened into IceWarp Desktop Client, you will see the Main screen, which allows immediate access to email, contacts, calendar and other features.

IceWarp Desktop Client Main view.

Top section

Displays the menu bar, which contains selectable commands and options, quick navigation to specific actions.

Constant elements:

  • Menu: button that displays Main Menu options

  • New: Clicking this button opens a new e-mail pop-up window. By clicking the drop-down next to it, offers additional options such as new mail, event, task, contact, distribution list, note...

  • Refresh: Clicking this button retrieves all new messages from the server.

  • Search: Using the search bar, you can simply search for items depending on the current view (Email, Calendar, Contact, etc). A list of several useful command tools will appear in the context menu when you type a question mark in the search bar.

    Click the drop-down icon arrow to refine your search.

Dynamic elements:

  • Toolbar: changes depending on the selected folder type or on your customization.


Navigation panel

Access to all tabs you may need to effectively fulfill daily tasks and collaborate with your colleagues (emails, calendars, tasks and contacts). You can see hierarchical views of all personal item folders.

Items panel

panel that shows the list of the items contained in a particular folder or section type. (Emails, calendar entries, contact, tasks, notes)

Reading panel

In the middle you see all of your current activity (this is your working area and as you can see, you can review all unfinished activities and tasks).


Extend your working space by minimizing right-hand navigation panel with chat.

Communications panel

Quick access to contact details, meetings and invitations agenda, chat and a condensed version of the calendar.