Getting Started

First Steps

After you run IceWarp Desktop Client for the first time, IceWarp Configuration Wizard appears.

Logon credentials

Starting client

During wizard you may be prompted to import and rewrite current settings.

Import settings.

Select Theme for new account.

You will be asked if you want to import your data from other applications detected on your device (e.g.: Microsoft Outlook).

The following screen will appear:

Import data.

Select an application from which you want the data to be imported and click on Next.

Import data

In the case of importing the data from Microsoft Outlook, please notice that data migration from IMAP4 servers will be synchronized automatically, but in the event of importing data from local servers (or if you choose to import from IMAP4 server locally), you can choose from importing up to 5 types of data: messages, calendars, tasks, contacts, categories. If you want to skip some of these five areas, just simply click on the icon and it will disappear.


It is also possible to perform imports at a later time.

See Import

Click Skip Import to setup an account manually.

Setup a new account

New Account dialog.

See Account setup for next steps.