Account setup

Account wizard will help you to easily create a new account, giving you all the necessary information to successfully complete the process in few steps.

New account wizard.

When setting up a new account, you can choose from several options:

  • Automatic Setup: In most cases IceWarp Desktop Client enables you to set up your account automatically with just two simple steps - entering your e-mail address and the password.

    Note: We strongly recommend using this method of setting up your account unless you possess thorough details about your account's settings.

    First step is typing in the e-mail address of your existing e-mail account as well as the account password. The rest of the automatic setup is realized in 3 steps:

    • server settings for pre-defined service providers

    • try to use Auto-discover protocol

    • try to detect server setting by special heuristics

  • Connecting to standard e-mail servers: IceWarp Desktop Client will attempt to automatically retrieve the server settings (this works for the most frequently used email servers i.e. Gmail, Yahoo etc.)

  • Auto-discover technology: If IceWarp Desktop Client is unsuccessful with the first attempt, it will try to use the so called auto-discover technology, which basically tries to assess the predefined credentials of email servers. This service is fully automatic and it can autonomously detect the settings if the correct email information are provided.

  • Predicting less usual email servers: In this case, the application tries to search for access to your account details on the Internet, it works on predicting how the address of your email provider is realized. (For example, this service will be utilized in the cases when a private company's email addresses will be prompted to set up).


If all three services fail you will be prompted to specify the settings manually. Click on Other button in the Mail tab to set up a different email account. Click Next to continue.

In this case, the setup be a little more complex, performed in six steps - you will be asked to fill in all the e-mail settings.