Managing Email

How to Create a new Message

You can create emails by clicking on the New button on the toolbar.

The new email window looks like this:

Components of toolbar are separated into two sections. First section concerns more with the elements of the message and the second part is more concerned with the editing of the message (Email Editor). The separation of the two sections is also indicated by the design of the email window itself.


Top toolbar

Consists of two options:

  • Send: click this button to send your email.

    • Send as mass mail:  sends one mail per recipient, so, to give the impression that the email has been composed for each recipient in particular. Inserting a Variable is interrelated with sending mass emails.

    • Send later: Schedules the email delivery to a preferred date and time

  • Account drop-down: You can choose an email account from which you want this email to be sent from (it is set to your default E-Mail account by default).


Email Header

  • To: Enter the recipient of this email here.

  • Subject: Enter a basic description of the E-Mail.

  • Add Cc & Bcc:You can click on Add Cc & Bcc button to bring up two additional lines for:

      • Cc: (Copy) Enter the email addresses you wish to send a copy of this email to.

      • Bcc: (Blind copy) Enter the email addresses you wish to send a blind copy (the recipient of blind copies won't be able to see your email address) of this email to.

Editor toolbar

Tip: Right-click the toolbar to add or remove buttons, or to bring Customize option

Editor toolbar.

  • Attachment: You can add the attachments to your email by clicking on small paperclip icon.

    Tip: OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, OwnCloud and Nextcloud are now integrated for attachments.

  • Important: Clicking this icon will set your email as urgent.

  • Signature: Click this button to choose the signature you wish to use for the message (you can set up your signatures in Settings: Signatures, or you can access the signatures management window by choosing the Manage option from the menu).

  • QuickText: Click on this button to insert predefined QuickText of yours.

  • Watch for reply: Click to digitally sign your email with a security certificate so that the recipients can verify its authenticity.

  • Bold: The selected text will be bold.

  • Italic: The selected text will be written in italic.

  • Underline: The selected text will be underlined.

  • Paint Format: Select certain area of the text while holding right mouse button, click on the Paint Format button, and then hover over different area of the text to transfer the format of the original text to the newly selected area.

  • Font Style: click on the Font Style button to bring up following menu

  • Ordered list: Numbered list

  • Unordered list: Bullet point list.

  • Align: Justify text to the left, center, right or both sides.

  • Emoticons: to add emojis or GIFs to your email.

More button

Click on the    button to bring up following additional features that could not fit in the toolbar:

More menu.

  • Read receipt: notification delivered after the recipient opens the email.

  • Delivery receipt: notification of email delivery to recipient’s mailbox.

  • Reply to address: setup replies to a chosen mailbox.

  • Flag: Adds an attention flag to the email.

  • Tags: Mark your email with a colour-coded category.

  • Save : Save message as a draft.

  • Check Spelling: Text will be checked for proper spelling correction.

  • Print: Print the email message.

  • Format: Format the message body text to either HTML or plain text

  • Cut / Copy / Paste: place content to/from clipboard.

  • Remove Format: Remove all formats from selected text.

  • Font style: setup of text and background colour, font family and size.

  • Undo: Takes one edit back.

  • Redo: Repeats the most recently undone action.

  • Outdent: Move selected text to the left (if this text was indent before).

  • Indent: Move selected text to the right.

  • Insert link: Add a hyperlink to your email.

  • Left to right / right to left: adjust text orientation.

  • Insert image: Add an image to your email.

  • Insert table: Add a table to your email.

  • Insert symbol: Add a symbol to your email.

  • Customize: Customize the options present on email window.


Email Context Menu

If you right-click on an email, the email context menu will be displayed. You will be offered a list of several straight forward actions that are possible to execute with an email.

Download Selected option downloads the whole email, including embedded content and attachments, for the purpose of off-line working.

To open a message, double-click on it in the message list: the following window will pop up:

Below the section that contains the fields Subject: From: etc. you can see the attachment bar. On this bar, all the attachments enclosed to the email can easily be accessed. To open/save the file, just double click it and select from the dialog window.

If you receive an e-mail that contains pictures that are online, these will be initially blocked by the application, as a measure of security (to download the pictures, your computer needs to access the server, which is an ideal situation for any evil scripts that are waiting to gather your personal information. However, if you trust the webpage, you can easily un-block the content by clicking the appropriate button.


Default action for attachments

Attachment options

You can also adjust the actions that you would like to implement with different types of files while downloading attachments to your computer. For example when you receive a picture (e.g.. .jpg) as an attachment and you click on the file, you will be asked whether you want to save or open it. Notice the checkbox which says "Do not ask me again for the attachments with the same extension" If you check this box and then click on one of the actions (Open/ Save) the action you choose will be remembered for every.jpg file you receive in future without asking.

If you want to cancel the action that you established for a specific attachment file type, then go to Menu - Settings - Mail - Attachments and just click on the cross button (on the right)   and the default action will be canceled.

Attachment options.


If you receive an image attached to your email it will be automatically displayed in the bottom of the email preview. There is a smart utility that automatically and simultaneously resizes the attached image as you resize the window of the email preview. If you want to display the image in its original size but still keep the email preview window arbitrarily resized, hover onto the preview , then click on the arrow symbol in the left upper corner of the image.