How to Pair Contacts

There are three methods to pair contacts:

Method 4: Adding IM contact to contact list via Contact Card Window

Double click on a contact to bring up the Contact Card Widow.

In the Add Contact Information section, click IM... to add the IM account(s) associated with this contact.

The following dialog appears:

In the Instant Messaging service section, select the desired service to pair a chat account with the regular account

Select "Jabber" if you know that for example an ICQ, MSN, AIM etc. account is set up on the particular chat account then the service will be ready to use. Please note that the list of services contains Jabber protocol services enlisted particularly - ICQ, MSN, AIM etc., which will not be ready to use, when you set them up for the regular account - your paired account will only contain information about the other ICQ, MSN, AIM account.

Click on OK button to finish the process.

Note: If you select for example ICQ from the Contact Service list, you will be asked to type-in Contact ID manually.


Method 5: Pairing a contact card to an imported instant messaging contact

When you log on to your Jabber service for the first time, you will be prompted to import your contacts. Later you can select Chat Contacts Pairing Assistant in chat settings option. Following window will pop up:

Chat Contacts Pairing Assistant dialog.

After you have selected the Chat account from which you wish to import your contacts, all the contacts contained in this chat contact list will be displayed in the list below.

To pair a particular chat contact with a regular contact, select a regular contact by clicking on it to bring out a drop down list (you can see it in the picture below). There are two other options on this list:

Take no Action - nothing happens with the chat contact

New Contact - creates a new contact in the selected folder and pair the chat contact with this new contact.

Once you have chosen the regular contact, click on Pair Contacts to pair the Chat contact with a regular contact. Now the process of contact pairing is complete.


Method 6: Dragging-and-dropping chat contact on regular contact and vice-versa:

Please note that there is also an easier way - just drag a contact (a Chat contact) and drop it on the contact you wish to pair it with (we are speaking about contacts in the Contact list/Chat bar). You will be prompted to confirm the pair-ing with the following window:

To get to the contact properties window, right click on particular contact folder and select Properties...

Following window will appear:

Here you can customize your contacts' display, you can select up to two checkboxes :

a. Show in Agenda: enables / disables display of events such as birthdays of the users from particular contact folders.

b. Show in All Contacts folder: enables / disables particular contacts from selected folder to be also displayed in All Contacts folder.