IceWarp Desktop Client comes with a built-in Chat / Instant Messaging service which will allows to communicate instantly with other users of Jabber Instant Messaging network as well as many other Jabber compatible networks such as Google Talk, ICQ, AIM, Facebook chat etc.

Chat service is fully integrated into its E-Mailing and Contacts managing modules, which means you easily browse your chat log like you can with E-Mails, and send emails to your Messaging contacts as easily as you can with your other E-Mail correspondents. Furthermore, the IM and E-Mail modules share their contacts pool; this way this product can merge your E-Mail contacts with your instant messaging contacts and thereby create a truly integrated contacts roster.

Although the application supports only the open Jabber protocol, it supports the use of Transports which will enable you to connect to other networks depending on the Jabber host you choose. Follow this link to learn more about the use of Transports. Follow this link to find out more about setting up your instant messaging system.


About Jabber

Jabber works in much the same way that E-Mail does. There are hundreds of Jabber servers through which a client program can connect. Each Jabber user has his or her own account with one of many Jabber services.

When a message is sent, the message goes from that person's computer to his or her nominated Jabber server. This server then sends the message to the recipient's nominated Jabber server.

This way, the Jabber network can not be "down", whereas if the MSN server goes down for maintenance, then all MSN users in the world will be disconnected, if one of the decentralized Jabber server goes down, only the users registered to that server are affected.


Choosing a Host Server

Different Jabber servers support different transports, allowing you to connect to different messaging networks, such as MSN, ICQ, AIM etc, as well as some local networks such as weather and news networks. Therefore, you may wish to look around and find a server that suits you.


About Transports

Unless you are an avid open source supporter or a Linux user, chances are you have never heard about Jabber. People prefer to use proprietary messaging services such as MSN or ICQ, because they think, and not without reason, that the more well known something is the more people use it. Jabber, though it does not enjoy the name recognition that MSN and AIM do, can be used to connect to almost any of those networks through the use of Transport services.

Transports are small computer programs installed on Jabber host servers that translate Jabber messages and addresses into other formats like MSN and ICQ and send them through their respective networks. Transports allow your Jabber client to connect to other networks depending on which transports your host server supports.