Using Multiple Calendars

IceWarp Desktop Client allows to create multiple calendars, each of them dedicated to separate routines (one calendar for work duties and another for leisure time for example).

Calendar left-panel.

Multiple calendars offer several advanced functions, like simultaneous displaying of events, distinct colors for events from the individual calendars or hierarchical structuring.

These features are provided through the Calendar left-panel.

The upper part contains the hierarchical tree of your calendars. All the functionality connected to using multiple calendars is provided by this tree.

The lower part shows the calendar view of the current month.

The root folder of the tree is created automatically and goes by the name "Calendar". This folder is always visible at the top in the tree and cannot be deleted or renamed.


Creating new calendars

Right-click anywhere into the Calendar sub-panel and choose the New calendar... from the context menu.

Insert the requested name for the new calendar into the Name: field.

Note:When clicking on an existing calendar, this calendar will be selected as a default parent for the newly created calendar folder in the hierarchical tree.

A dialog window will open.

Insert the requested name for the new calendar into the Name: field

In the Select where to place the folder: section, choose, where the new calendar folder will be situated in the hierarchical tree (the default position is determined by the place you have right-clicked in the Calendar sub-panel).

Under Calendar color section, choose the color to identify this new calendar.

Click OK and a Calendar will now appear into the tree structure.


Editing existing calendars

Right-click the desired calendar and choose the requested option from the context menu:

Calendar context menu.

  • Show in
    new Window

  • New Event

  • New Calendar

  • Copy Folder

  • Move Folder

  • Delete

  • Move Folder

  • Delete

  • Collapse All

  • Select including Subfolders

  • Deselect including Subfolders

  • Import Holidays 

  • Calendar Color

  • Delegation

  • Properties


Displaying events from multiple calendars

Check the checkboxes situated before every calendar folder in the hierarchical tree structure.

Calendar subcategories.

By default, only the events of the currently selected calendar are displayed in the central panel. But checking the box before a given calendar, its events will be always visible, no matter which calendar is currently selected. This feature is particularly useful when combined with the usage of separate colors for the single calendars. This way you'll always see which event belongs to which calendar.

The latest versions of IceWarp Desktop Client even enable to edit events of any of the selected calendars, unlike to the previous versions, where it was possible to edit only those events that belong to the currently selected calendar.